Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday I have Friday on my mind...

After a busy but wonderful weekend, a new week has dawned - a little overcast, and waaaay too quickly after going to bed last night, but a fresh way to start the week ahead, regardless.

I have decided to have two small goals for each week. Small, but significant. So, this week I vow to start an exercise program and to stop having sugar in my tea.

Exercise: Okay, so my body wasn't built for exercise. It was built for lazy sunday mornings and floating in the pool in the sunshine. Any gung-ho exercise plan is sure to fail within a week, as my poor muscles and bones put up quite the argument after a bit of a workout. So, to eaaaaaase my way into it, I am only going to set the expectation of two classes, as well as three 'walks home' from work. The walk from work is mostly uphill (which is why it often gets replaced with a quick cab ride) and takes about 50 mins. I quite enjoy walking, but there is something with this walk that is just paths, sloping ground in two directions, narrow road liked by speed-gonzales teenagers...BUT, no point in paying good money for cabs AND making extra trips to the gym when I can combine the two in the afternoon!

As for the classes, I think I am going to try to do them in my lunchbreak - I start work at 7.30am so am not able to do any before work....and my motivation after work is severely lacking. So, I have three Pump classes to chose from, a Buts, Abs and Thighs class, and a Body Combat. I used to do combat all the time, however I came to not enjoy it so maybe I will try for a Pump today, and a Pump on Thursday or Friday, depending on how sore I am. Combined with at least 3 x 50 min walks, surely that's enough to start the exercise regime?

Sugar: I never used to have sugar in my tea.....I had it strong and milky but no sugar! Until I had appendicitis....which meant I had to be on a clear fluids diet, which meant my tea had to be drank black...which is EW without sugar. Since then I have really struggled to give it up! I plan to commit to not having sugar at all, except for one cup of tea in the afternoon if I am REALLY STRUGGLING.

Lunch today is accountable: Tin of Tuna in Brine, a salad, some grapes, blueberries and rasberries and a banana. I have also packed a multigrain breadroll, but will only eat it if I am starving.

EDIT: Okay, so I ate the roll. AND I had a bowl of icecream after dinner....but it was a smaaall bowl, and I haven't had anything else bad, OR any sugar in my tea allll day. I walked home from work, and did a few lazy laps of the backyard pool....all better than snoozing on the couch. x

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lessons for the (mis)educated

I have been thinking more and more lately about what it is I am trying to achieve with this rehaul of my life, and I think that my main problem is that I am unhappy with what I have achieved in life.

Yes, I have two degrees, a postgraduate qualification and an offer for further study for this year, but I feel like with all the 'professional learning' I have done, somewhere along the line I have missed out on learning the things I want to learn. I also feel that since meeting my hubby (whom I love very, very much), the passions that previously were integral to my identity have somehow gotten lost in the kerfuffle of making ends meet, buying a house, developing relationships with his parents etc etc. So, by making one of my very studious lists, here are the things I want to change....

Things I want to learn before I die:
  • To speak another language
  • To graft cuttings
  • Play classical guitar
  • To be the sort've girl that goes for 'runs'
Things that I used to love, but now no longer do:
  • Dance
  • Play guitar in a rock-band
  • Creating art
  • Writing
Now I just have to work out how to get there!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


With the new year, comes New Year Resolutions. And, with NYR's come the same-old-breaking of said resolutions. Year through year I make the same promises to 'get fit' and 'lose weight' and 'spend less' and 'create more', yet January is not even close to coming to a close and I am over-indulging, penniless-until-next-pay and bored with my own company.

So, this blog is born.

Not out of some irrepressible need to vocalise my struggle, or desire for accountability...I am plenty good at whinging about said issues to hubby, and he is equally equipped at telling me to get off my a** and DO something about it!

Rather, I want in on this blog-world. This gorgeous, creative, emotive and desiring world of art, fashion, cuisine and self-obsessed tap-tapping away each week/day/hour. I want IN!

So, plan is to somehow combine the aesthetic with the athletic...perhaps as this blog comes to a close in some (lithe)distant future  I will have found exactly what it is I am looking for. Until then, I guess this it. Enchante fellow bloggers. Very pleased to meet you.

The wonderful, terrible irony of this post is that as I sit here refiguring my lifestyle, and my refiguring my, well, figure, I am scoffing down a buttery hot-cross bun, with coconut and jam slice in the oven and chocolate macaroons cooling on the counter.