Wednesday, January 19, 2011


With the new year, comes New Year Resolutions. And, with NYR's come the same-old-breaking of said resolutions. Year through year I make the same promises to 'get fit' and 'lose weight' and 'spend less' and 'create more', yet January is not even close to coming to a close and I am over-indulging, penniless-until-next-pay and bored with my own company.

So, this blog is born.

Not out of some irrepressible need to vocalise my struggle, or desire for accountability...I am plenty good at whinging about said issues to hubby, and he is equally equipped at telling me to get off my a** and DO something about it!

Rather, I want in on this blog-world. This gorgeous, creative, emotive and desiring world of art, fashion, cuisine and self-obsessed tap-tapping away each week/day/hour. I want IN!

So, plan is to somehow combine the aesthetic with the athletic...perhaps as this blog comes to a close in some (lithe)distant future  I will have found exactly what it is I am looking for. Until then, I guess this it. Enchante fellow bloggers. Very pleased to meet you.

The wonderful, terrible irony of this post is that as I sit here refiguring my lifestyle, and my refiguring my, well, figure, I am scoffing down a buttery hot-cross bun, with coconut and jam slice in the oven and chocolate macaroons cooling on the counter.

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