Friday, August 12, 2011

Clean is the new black

About a year ago, I started noticing this company appearing in magazines, and being referenced in other people's blogs...and let me tell you...I was really taken in by the cute packaging and user-friendly website!
It has taken me a while (and obviously Life got in the way) but finally last week I booked my Three Day Cleanse for this week, while Mr.cake is away..
I have taken Laura from Urban Remedy's advice and started to cut back on ‘nasties’ the three days prior to my cleanse. I am struggling most with the head is pounding and I feel like I can barely see straight. I take a few nurofen at one stage, and give thanks that I am going through the worst of it before I start the cleanse, and comfort myself with some Greek yogurt, blueberries and a drizzle of dark agave syrup. And when I say ‘some’, I actually mean three bowls!
I start to cut out dairy, meat, all white starch foods and settle for a fish and tomato stew for dinner on Monday, and on Tuesday I have a blueberry smoothy for breakfast and a green pear and spinach smoothy for dinner. I could get used to this liquid diet!
Quick Update: I got home from work this evening to find this sexy box on my doorstep. Very well packaged, and am SO EXCITED to begin my cleanse tomorrow morning!

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