Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Urban Remedy Cleanse Day 1

Wake up feeling excited to be starting this! Turn the kettle on, and instead of my usual tea and two sugars I have a large mug of hot water and lemon juice. I miss the tea, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the lemon water...I decide to save my breaky juice for work (I start at 7am), so once I have completed the usual morning ablutions, I jet off to work and then have to wait impatiently for 8am to come around so I could have breakfast!
Juice 1 – This juice is a bit pulpy, bit pureed grass, but refreshing nonetheless. Due to a fire alarm at 8.10am, the first juice took me an hour to drink! I sipped it slowly, and swished it around my mouth as was suggested. I did need to go and check for little bits of spinach though...and I set myself a reminder to do so from now on, as I am horrified to think that it was there when I greeted my very attractive female boss!
Juice 2 – The coconut water is slightly sweet, slightly syrupy but nothing too unappealing. Didn’t finish it, however...took an hour to sip through it and by the time I got to the last inch, I felt more like a green tea than more coconut water! I can see that this one could get a bit repetitive...I enjoy the taste of coconut, but not so much the juice from inside them.
Juice 3 – The soup is lovely and it is a really great idea to have something that is a ‘meal’ for lunch. I pour it into a bowl and eat it with a small spoon, to drag the moment out. It is not as thin and watery as I expected, and there is almost enough pulp to warrant chewing. I do wish I had heated it up more (damn microwave!), and also wish I had some pepper or sea salt to sprinkle along the top.
Juice 4 – Another green juice, this one is less pulpy than the first smoothy of the day, and is more alike the green smoothies I make for myself. It is light and refreshing, and just what I need at 2 o’clock in the afternoon...or so I tell myself! My team all go to get coffee, but I stay behind and marvel in my abilities to get loads of work done without disruptions.
Juice 5 – I leave work at 4pm, so take my final ‘day’ juice home with me. I normally put the kettle on the minute I walk in the door, so today I flick the kettle out of habit, pour half my lemon juice into a mug and zap it in the microwave. It’s done just as the kettle boils and I sip it slowly over 20 mins while doing a few household chores. If it weren’t for the rumble in my stomach, you would think that this was any ordinary afternoon!
About an hour later, I zap the remainder of this juice and repeat the same sip-sip-sip. I quite like the taste, and the peppery zing is acting as an appetite suppressant.
Juice 6 – The cacao and cashew juice is just divine! I work through my normal dinner hour, and then all of a sudden it feels like it is dessert time so I crack open this juice. It’s gone in no time, so I shower and head off to bed for what will hopefully be a restful night of sleep.

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